Memorization Quran Course

Memorize Quran Course

Memorizing the Holy Quran is a dream of every Muslim, but due a busy schedule, irregularity and lack of guidance, most of our brothers and sisters are unable to continue it, rather it becomes impossible for them to complete Quran memorization. QuranCollege understands the importance of Quran Memorization and offers Online classes for Memorizing Quran at home.

QuranCollege has designed this course “Memorization Quran Course” for those brothers and sisters who have great zeal and interest for memorizing Quran. QuranCollege provides you with a flexible schedule along with a very simple and easy methodology for Memorizing the Holy Quran under the guidance of our Online Quran teachers. You can memorize Quran easily at your home. You can take your lessons anytime and anywhere on your computer, iPad or cell phone.

We are using the classical as well as the modern approach for memorizing Quran and you will feel like memorizing in the atmosphere of an Islamic Center for Quran memorization.

I can Teach Recitation Arabic Hifz Tajweed
I can Teach Recitation Hifz Tajweed Seeking knowledge is seeking Allah, and as the knowledge grows, Emaan grows." We struggled also before as students but with Allah's help, we insisted to continue. Today we transfer to you what we learned. If you have a good intention of seeking knowledge to please Allah and have a strong will, then I could help you. If you are searching about a qualified teacher in Tajweed, want a Skiekh to give you an Ijazah with high Sanad, want to master Arabic grammar and speak it fluently, want to read Arabic literature and poetry and to be fully comprehended it, or want to taste the sweetness of Arabic language, feel free to message me. I am Hend Salem, an Egyptian Quran, Arabic and Islamic studies tutor and new here at Qutor. I have graduated from Al Azhar University ,English department, the oldest and greatest Islamic University, where I studied Quran, Arabic, and Islamic science. I memorized the whole Qur'an when I was 12 years old, had three Ijazahs in Hafs and Warsh recitations with high Sanad connected to the Prophet- Peace and blessing be upon him. I could also teach Qiraat of ( Qaloon, Al Bazee, Qunbul, Abu Jafer). I had Ijazah in teaching Al Qadah Al Noorania ( Noorani Qa'edah), children's poem in Tajweed, Aljazareya (Tajweed poem) and Ajrromiya ( A classical grammar book). I am still working in other recitations as studying Qur'an is my passion. I have been working with different institutions and have been teaching Qur'an and Arabic for many years, for Arabs and English speakers, (beginner to advanced) levels in an interesting manner. I used to teach kids from four years old and females. I am studying now Islamic studies in English at KIU. About Arabic, I studied it at Al-Azhar school in depth as Al Azahar called the house of Arabic, then I studied it again at college as a translator from Arabic into English and vice versa. I took courses in Ajorromia and training Arabic teachers as a second language. I have been teaching most of the Arabic books that institutions are using. I am doing a mixture of those curriculum trying to develop students' skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing to fully comprehend and master the language. I adore Arabic and its study is my passion. The deeper I study Arabic the more fascinating it becomes. SubhanAllah now I understand why Allah chose Arabic as the language of the Quran. Maybe sometimes I feel stressed with work and studies, but I only find peace in studying Islamic sciences and teaching Quran, to please Allah, to increase my knowledge about Islam, and to help my students more especially kids who always ask. إِنَّمَا يَخْشَى اللَّهَ مِنْ عِبَادِهِ الْعُلَمَاءُ))) Indeed only those of God’s servants who have knowledge fear Him.

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